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Useful Information
These Grayflyer Airports may work with PD3

Below is a list of the things you need on your computer for ADE to work :-

Microsoft Flight Simulator X DeLuxe Version.
ADE uses the FSX Software Development Kit (SDK). This is available only with the DeLuxe Version. Without it you would not be able to compile and install airport enhancements. Please note that there are problems with the original version of the SDK and you will need to update it to at least SP1a.

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5.
ADE may work with Framework Version 2 but new features are being added based on the latest framework. You can download the .NET 3.5 redistributable, or the latest version, from here - Microsoft Download Center

When the full ADE package is installed you will find a small program in the ADE program group called Airport Design Editor Environment Test Tool. You may want to run this to ensure that everything is in place to make ADE work. If you have problems with the installation you should run this before contacting us for support. The information it provides will help us to diagnose what is happening

Note the latest Grayflyer Airports are now drawn using ADEX Airport Design Editor v.01.7 (pro)

If SDK's didn't come with your version of Flight Sim X , just search Google for FSX SDK SP1, SP1a, SP2. You will find lots of sites you can download it from for FREE .
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Grayflyer retains the copyright to all the downloads. They are not to be included in a commercial package, compilation CD or any other type of distribution for which money is charged or to be included on any other website that is not accessible free of charge, without the prior written permission of Grayflyer.

Although all the downloads are checked for errors and viruses, Grayflyer is not to be held responsible in case of system failure or damage due to the use of the downloads available from this site.
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Download contains EGUB Benson RAFB
                                   EGBD Derby Airfield
                                   EGJB Guernsey Airport
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The Site for Airports & Airbases for FSX
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